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"My heart beats like it's on fire

And everything is alright, as long as I am inspired

I stitched together my life from hand me downs and

Good advice that finally fit me"

- Rachel Platten's "Work of art" song

Well, I don't really need points at the moment, but I'm leaving this tiny widget right here in case someone ever feel like giving me a gift for unknown reasons, hahaha! I already thank you ♥

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Singer : Ana Vilela

Language : Brazilian Portuguese


"(Life)* It isn't about having all the people in the world for you

It's about knowing that somewhere someone cares for you

It's about singing and being able to hear more than your own voice

It's about dancing under this rain of life* which falls down on us

It's about* knowing how* to feel yourself infinite in a universe so vast and so beautiful 

It's about* knowing how* to dream

And then make worthy all those verses from that poem about believing that you read*

It's not about reaching the top of the world and know that you won

It's about climbing your way until there* and know that the path made you strong

It's about being a shelter to people and having a shelter in their hearts

And, this way, having friends by your side in every moment you pass through*

We can't have everything, what would be the reason* of the world if it was like that?

That's why I prefer the smiles and the gifts that life brought next to me*

It's not about everything that your money can buy

It's about every moment, every smile that you can share

It's also not about running against time to always gain more and more stuff*

Because suddenly, when you realize*, life has already passed by

Hold your son in your arms*

Smile and hug your parents while they're still here

Because life is like a bullet train, buddy*

And we're only passengers about to leave


Hold your son in your arms

Smile and hug your parents while they're still here

Because life is like a bullet train, buddy

And we're only passengers about to leave"


*When the song starts, Ana Vilela is already talking about life without mentioning what she's talking about. She does it because it's implicit through the song.

*In a few of Ana Vilela's quotes, I added the "about" and the "how" when it doesn't exist there. In special, in the quote where she says "É saber se sentir infinito", which I translated to "It's about knowing how to...", that would actually be "It's knowing to feel..." . The same with "It's about knowing how to dream", in which the translation would be "It's knowing to dream". I did it because I thought that, as the "about" is implicit in this sentence, it'd be confusing to understand it in English. The word which would be equivalent to "about" is "sobre", as you can hear it during the song, and the word which would be equivalent to "how" is "como"* (in this situation. "Como" can also mean the verb "comer" in the first person of the singular, as it's written in "Eu como maçã", that would be translated as "I EAT apples". 

*When it says "dancing under this rain of life", it's using a metaphor for "enjoy life" by saying that we're blessed with life like the rain falls down from the sky. Something like that.

*The "brought next to me" part would have the same meaning as "life gave to me". Just giving a better explanation about the meaning of this quote.

*The "that you read" part doesn't exist in the original lyrics, just as the "more and more stuff", the "until there" and the "when you realize". I added them because I thought it'd be confusing in English if it didn't say a complement from where the action/object came from/is going to and to complete/explain the meaning of the quote. The "every moment you pass through" part has the same meaning as "in every situation you live", as the equivalent word to "situation" would be "situação", I translated it this way because I thought it'd be better for understanding. Basically, it means that I had to change and adapt a few things to give you the best translation and explanations that I could.

*The "reason" part, in the original lyrics, is said as "graça". Graça has some different meanings. It's used to describe different things, like something funny (or not), something elegant, something delicate, something cute/adorable and, what's the meaning of this word in this song, something amusing, something that makes you be/keep interested in something, something that isn't boring, the reason/point of something.

Examples : 

1- Essa piada não tem graça! -> This joke isn't funny! 

2- Essa menina é cheia de graça. -> This girl is elegant/full of grace/delicate. (Depending on the context, this could also mean "funny", " full of jokes")

3- Esse menino é uma graça! -> This boy is adorable! (Depending on the context, this could also mean "funny", " full of jokes").

4- Qual a graça de ir para o cinema sem os amigos? -> What's the point on going to the movies without friends?
    Esse filme é tão sem graça... -> This movie is so boring... (NOTE : sem = without)
    Eu não vejo graça nessa menina, ela é tão chata! -> I just can't like this girl, she's so annoying! (vejo = ver = see) 
    Isso tem tanta graça! -> This is so amusing! 

NOTE ABOUT "GRAÇA" : to describe something that is amusing/funny, we usually use a derived word from "graça", that is "engraçado". 

Example : 

Esse menino é tão engraçado! -> This boy is so funny! 

*The "arms" part, in the original lyrics, is said as "colo", that means "lap". When the song says "Hold your son on your lap", it has the same meaning as "Hold your son in your arms", that's to protect, care, love. I thought that translating this expression as "arms" would be better for understanding.

*The original word from where "buddy" came from is "parceiro". Both of these slangs have the same meaning. In Brazil, people usually use "parceiro" more in the southheast/south region, in states like São Paulo, as long as I know. 


Ana Vilela is from Paraná, a state from the south region of Brazil, and then she has the accent from there. There are different accents across the whole country, what means that you'll never see a "Paulista" (person from São Paulo, São Paulo, in the southheast region) speaking like a "Recifense" (person from Recife, Pernambuco, in the northheast region). Brazil is a rich country in culture and language ways.

Other songs from Ana Vilela : Talvez

Check out the words of this song in this online dictionary :…

(It's the one I usually use to check things out)

EDIT : RyuuPhantom lent me a hand and talked to me about this quote : "It's about knowing how to feel yourself infinity in an enormous and beautiful universe". I read it again and decided to redo it for a better translation. Thank you, my friend! :heart:


Funny story time! 

My school's English teacher has done an activity in which the class had to get together in groups of six people and then record a parody from a famous American movie. My group was made only by girls and it had five people, but the teacher allowed us to take part on the project anyway. Our only and tiny problem was this one right here : We got "Love Story" as our theme. It means that one of us had to dress up like a man and act like a couple to one of our friends.

Guess who did. Yeah.

But, after some stress, some exhausting editing, writing and acting... we've aced it. We got 10/10 and, as the teacher is going to do something like an Oscar ceremony, we were nominated to 5 categories of 11, including "Best Actress", which was the one I got personally nominated to. 

I can't help but say that having to put a moustache in my face was worth it.

I just can't stop to listen to this wonderful brazilian song. It's a reminder of some of my thoughts about life.

Even if you don't speak Portuguese, I think you all should give it a try. It brings me an incredible peace feeling and I'd love to share it with you - I can eventually try to make a translation!
Hey there! What's up?

Here I'm coming to share with you an idea that I've been thinking about recently. As I've got about 28 watchers, and I thank you a lot for this, I thought about starting to make streams. I guess it'd be a nice way to interact with you and even to improve my habilities! 

So, what do you think about it? Do you suggest me any website and/or software? It'll be a pleasure to hear you!
Ok... I left dA only for one week. One week. Now there are a lot of weird pears everywhere. What's up with
this world?? lol


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